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"Amal Uppal Anique"

Born Lahore 1986. Amal Uppal is an established practicing contemporary Fine Artist and Digital Painter, graduating from NCA 2011. A true gaming enthusiast working with International game design studio CloudCade since 2012 as their Senior Game Environment Artist, she has been part of multiple, internationally featured game titles Jetpack Joyride, Blades of Battle and Gems Frontiers, amongst others. Her fine art practice is extensive with multiple exhibitions across Pakistan. After meeting with Social Vr Lab and getting exposed to the format, Amal decided to take the next step and break into 3D and VR to bring to life one of her key pieces from her Solo exhibition recently held at Taseer Art Gallery.

“The possibilities are endless. With Pakistan breaking into Vr and AR more and more and with artists collaborating with development teams, even the sky’s not the limit anymore”. Currently working on her next Solo show, Amal wants to merge both her Digital Art and her Traditional Fine art to bring the viewer into the world she creates and allow them to travel through her pieces like no one has done before.

I really admire from Styly platform, it's giving the opportunity to work without coding, the submission, make me feel, "An Achievement". An old city in which houses scattered, we can explore and walk around wide space. I was surprised and cunning to look enclosed the walls and edges . It was amazed, beside oneself with happiness when viewing out, had 3D view all around. None of the things are difficult to design, my experience is great, Styly inspire me to work more on it .

Now i am planning to make the things in VR by supporting of STYLY as it gives more real experience and i can dream more in VR as compare to 2D world. VR is inspiring for the artist.

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