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Clients must have a realistic idea of the exterior appearance of the building (i.e. its architectural design), the color and material solutions of the facade or the architectural solution of the surrounding area (gardens, parks, car parks, surrounding greenery, etc.). These are, at the first stage, the most important information that clients require to become more interested in the project.

Visualization of


For each client, it is very important to have an idea of the layout of the real estate (that is, how the property is pojected within the layout and the shape of the room, window constructions and their orientation, how big the living room is, the shape and the space of the kitchen, layout of the bathroom ). Thanks to the drones, it is now possible to accurately simulate the views of windows or terraces in visualization. This information is very difficult for the clients (especially people lay in the technical fields) to imagine only from the 2D ground plan or from the drawing. Therefore, it is very important that visualizations of interiors are also taken into account in the marketing of the development project.


Very popular form of developer’s project presentation is a virtual video tour of the exterior and the interior. In this presentation, clients can see the upcoming project in a dynamic form and therefore a form that will surely interest client, whether on television, a large screen in public spaces, a large-screen display in business centers or a website and social networks.

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